Testimonials. Real words, from real clients.

"Being able to easily identify, articulate, and incorporate key consumer insights that support marketing initiatives has been invaluable. Debra Hartman and Associates was a key partner in helping further understand the needs and gaps in the consumer market."

Jason Owens, Cosco Home & Office Products


"Debra Hartman played a key role in helping Delta Faucet develop homecenter in-aisle research methodologies that improved the forecast accuracy of several key new products. In addition, she worked with local area schools and charities to create cost effective research events that allowed for large sample sizes to test functioning products in a kitchen environment. Debra Hartman's guidance also helped Delta Faucet expand and improve the research events held internally, allowing consumers to interact with Delta Faucet personnel in the product development process with a minimum of bias. Debra Hartman consistently puts her customer's needs first, is easy and flexible to work with, and consistently meets deadlines."

Rick Dossey, Delta Faucet


"I have worked with Debi Hartman for almost ten years on a variety of research projects. Debi and her staff are very flexible and knowledgeable in a variety of research methods. Most notably, Debi has extraordinary experience working with consumers. She has a delicate method of gaining consumer insights without revealing the intent. Many times we have required Debi to adjust her research guide in between consumer interviews and she has made the adjustments without error and within the allotted timeframe.

In the environment that we work today, it is very important to have organizations that you can count on for accuracy and timeliness. This group has both. They are professional and quick when it comes to quote requests and project timelines. I would recommend them as a research partner for any organization."

Amy Brinckerhoff, Group Marketing Manager, Jarden Consumer Solutions


"When we needed to understand consumer response to a new product area, we called on Hartman & Associates to perform the qualitative research for us.  Their approach was practical and gave us meaningful results over a broad geographic base in a very cost-effective way.  Our team was impressed with how quickly Hartman & Associates was able to understand our business model and the challenges we faced.  The results of their research were on time, on budget, professionally presented, and very helpful."

Rich Buus, Vice President of New Product Development, Defender Direct, Inc.


"My department utilizes Debra Hartman & Associates to keep us close to the needs of our guests. The insights Debra and her team uncover help us keep a guest focus enabling us to make better decisions."

Sean Thompson, Senior Buyer, Target